The target

Our aim is to arrest the problem.
Stabilise the structure. Construct
new drains and restore the fabric
of the church.

Current estimates suggest the cost to carry out the necessary works requires us to raise £350,000.

The solution will not be a short one. Apart from overcoming the hurdle of raising the necessary funds, the programme of works will in all likelihood take approximately five years to complete.

It is anticipated that it will take place in two phases:

Phase 1
1. Foul drainage laid  to divert from ancient and collapsed drains and reinstatement of interior WC.

2. Filling in of Victorian non functioning drainage trenches around the church and laying a new rainwater drainage system.

These two stages will take water away from the foundations of the church and let the whole structure settle thus arresting the cracking of the walls.

Phase 2
Watch cracks and building movement over 4-5 years. When the building has settled the actual fabric of the church can be repaired and restored.

In between the two phases it is our intention to seek grants where appropriate to complete small projects including restoring the reredos and historical monuments within the church.