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April 18 – Elizabeth I: Can a Woman Rule, Can a Woman Rule Alone? – Prof Carole Levin


By the time Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England at the age of 25, she had already lived through her mother’s execution, four step-mothers and her own imprisonment. Known as the Virgin Queen, she never married, despite warnings from her advisors that she would not succeed without a husband. Elizabeth’s 44-year reign proved them wrong. Carole Levin discusses how this sixteenth-century woman successfully ruled alone during a time of religious strife and foreign threats.

Carole Levin is Professor of History and Director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at the University of Nebraska and currently a Fulbright Scholar attached to the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at the University of York. She has published a number of books on Elizabeth’s reign, including The Heart and Stomach of a King (1994) and The Reign of Elizabeth I (2002).

Bar opens at 5:30pm, lecture begins at 6:00pm. Tickets can be purchased online.